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At Acme Creek Labradoodles  we're dedicated to placing the perfect labradoodle family member in your home. We have 30 years experience breeding Labradors and labradoodles. We are licensed veterinary technicians. We love working with families. We are happy to have you visit us and our labradoodles. We encourage you to ask questions anytime!


We are located in Northern Michigan just outside Traverse City in Grand Traverse County. We offer apricot, black. brown (chocolate)parti, phantom and other colors. We breed all sizes of labradoodles, medium, mini and standard sizes. We offer labradoodle puppies, labradoodle stud service, service dogs, overnight boarding, grooming. 

For the love of a labradoodle

Loving, smart and loyal our labradoodles will change your life. You will have a beautiful family member who's goal in life is to love and please you!